Our Staff

Our team at Denning's understands that saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. That's why each team member strives to be dedicated, compassionate and here to support you during this difficult time.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in funeral preplanning, when death occurs and during arrangements, our staff is well-equipped to guide you through the entire process. We promise to work with you and your family in your time of need to create the perfect memorial service for your loved one. We will be here for you today as well as tomorrow.

The Denning staff are honoured to serve to ensure that the members of our community and beyond are cared for during such a difficult time. For advice on what to do when a loved one is dying, making funeral arrangements, pre-arranging your own funeral, or anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We thank you for considering us during this important journey, and we stand ready to support you with compassion and professionalism.

Headshot of Bill Denning, Owner, Celebrant & Funeral Director at Denning's Funeral Homes

Bill Denning

Owner, Celebrant &
Funeral Director

Since he was 12 years old, Bill has been involved in helping his family in the funeral home. Bill is one of the owners of Denning's and has been known in our communities as a compassionate and dedicated licensed funeral director and celebrant that creates services that reflect the life of the person and family he is serving. With many years of experience in the funeral profession, Bill has consistently provided guidance and support to families during their most difficult times. His passion for his family and the history of our communities enables Bill to create trusting relationships and to connect with people on a deeper level with everyone he meets.

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Headshot of Brett Denning, Owner, Celebrant & Funeral Director at Denning's Funeral HomesBrett Denning

Owner, Celebrant &
Funeral Director

Brett is a licensed funeral director and one of the owners of Denning's. Brett learned the importance of serving families in their times of need from his family funeral home. He can be found at any of our locations, helping and developing our team. He takes pride in supporting those who are caring families and watching as our team of professionals set the bar for excellence. Brett also sits on multiple executive boards, including the Ontario Funeral Service Association and an active role as an officer at Southwest crematoriums, Canada's largest crematorium.  Brett inspires and encourages personal growth in himself and those around him.

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Headshot of Josh Denning, Owner, Team & Media Manager at Denning's Funeral Homes

Josh Denning

Owner, Team & Media Manager

Josh is our dedicated and compassionate General Manager. His background has extensive experience in the funeral home profession and the management of ambulance service. With a profound understanding of honouring grieving families and supporting people in difficult moments, Josh wears many hats to ensure our team has the support they need. He possesses exceptional leadership skills and is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and empathy. 

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Headshot of Courtney Denning, Hospitality Manager at Denning's Funeral Homes

Courtney Denning

Hospitality Manager

Courtney is a seasoned hospitality professional passionate about delivering exceptional experiences. Within her years in the funeral industry and caring for those in need, Courtney has honed her skills in managing and coordinating operations to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Her dedication to creating memorable experiences and a keen eye for detail ease the stress for the families we serve. Courtney ensures the everyone who spends their time with us is met with warm hospitality and personalised attention.

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Our Funeral Directors

Headshot of Jill Zavitz Preplanning and Aftercare Specialist and Funeral Director at Denning's Funeral Homes

Jill Zavitz

Preplanning/Aftercare Specialist
& Funeral Director 

Since 2007, Jill has specialized in the care of our families in settling their estate affairs. Her aftercare program combines gathering the correct information needed after death and her devotion to care. She relieves our families' stress in their grief. Jill also helps families preplan their final wishes and finds value in the experience of hearing stories to create meaningful ceremonies. Born and raised in Strathroy-Caradoc, she knows the importance of a small town and appreciates the privilege of supporting and serving her communities.

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Headshot of Mary-Lyn Denning Celebrant and Funeral Director at Denning's Funeral Homes

Mary-Lyn Denning

Celebrant & Funeral Director

Mary-Lyn is rooted in our family business as a 4th-generation funeral director and celebrant. She is passionate about providing meaningful ceremonies, acts of kindness, heartwarming support and comfort to our families. She can assist our loved ones, making a heartbreaking experience and life-changing loss as comfortable as possible. Mary-Lyn believes the difference truly in the details when creating meaningful ceremonies alongside families and is continually inspired by the authenticity and uniqueness of a life lived.

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Headshot of Morgan Getliffe Funeral Director at Denning's Funeral Homes

Morgan Getliffe
Funeral Director

Morgan started with Denning's as an intern and became a licensed Funeral Director in 2019. Her empathy and big heart help create a deeper connection with the families she supports. After facing loss, she saw what Denning's did for her and her family, and she knew she wanted to be a part of that process for others. Her presence and ability to listen put people at ease and comfort families. The most inspiring thing about working in this field for Morgan is knowing she has made a difference in someone's grieving process.

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Headshot of Melanie Woelfle Funeral Director at Denning's Funeral Homes

Melanie Woelfle

Funeral Director

Melanie's undergraduate degree and double major in Psychology and Thanatology from the University of Western Ontario's King's College and her funeral services diploma from Humber College inspired her to pursue a career in the funeral industry. Her empathetic and devoted approach provides a profound understanding of the delicate nature of grief and loss. Her presence offers comfort, respect and professionalism to those in need. She understands the privilege of working in our small communities and ensuring your wishes are honoured.

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Headshot of Joseph Deal Funeral Director at Denning's Funeral Homes

Joseph Deal

Funeral Director

Joseph possesses a wealth of knowledge in providing support to mourning families. With a remarkable blend of empathy, organizational skills, and leadership abilities, He excels in overseeing many funeral arrangements. Joseph approaches every task with professionalism and perceptiveness. By understanding the significance of observing the memory of loved ones and striving to create meaningful and personalized farewell ceremonies, Joseph offers solace and guidance to families during challenging times.

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Nancy Manning

Licensed Funeral Intern

Nancy acknowledges it is a tremendous honour to be able to assist families in their greatest time of need. She believes in the celebrations of the lives of our loved ones who passed and wants to be there for their families to help make a difficult time a little less difficult. Nancy is humbled and grateful Nancy is currently working towards becoming a licensed Funeral Director. Her caring support will help you on your healing journey.

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Our Funeral Support Team

Headshot of Jen Lyvang Family Support Coordinator at Denning's Funeral Homes

Jen Lyvang

Family Support Coordinator

Jen is a trustworthy Funeral Director Assistant committed to providing unwavering assistance to grieving families during their most difficult times. Her Rodney and West Lorne communities appreciate her warm and empathetic demeanour. Jen offers a calming presence and a compassionate ear, ensuring every family's needs are met with the utmost sensitivity. In everything she does, from creating a loved one slideshow to aiding at service to handling the behind-the-scenes assignments, you can see Jen's care and passion.

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Our Funeral Administrative Team

Headshot of Brad Denning Finance Officer at Denning's Funeral Homes

Brad Denning

Finance Officer

Brad has been an important part of Denning's team for over 35 years, providing services for our team that exceed all expectations. Early in his career, he was managing director of Denning Brothers. During this time, Brad met with many families, directed numerous funerals and, like his father before him, found time to provide ambulance service to the community. He now uses his technical and bookkeeping talents, positive attitude, and organizational support to help our office run smoothly and create a welcoming environment for our team.

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Headshot of Jamie Stevenson Preplanning and Aftercare Administrator at Denning's Funeral Homes

Jamie Stevenson

Preplanning & Aftercare Administrator

Jamie began her career in funeral service by chance, but since joining Denning's team in 2016, she has found her passion for the funeral industry and helping families behind the scenes. Her efforts are focused on our Advanced Estate Care program. Jamie creates all of Denning's Advanced Estate Care packages for our families and works closely with Jill to collect and submit the important information needed after a death occurs. Jamie's role is essential as she helps take some of the burdens off of our families completing critical tasks on their behalf.

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Headshot of Jessica Rombouts Graphic Designer and Marketing at Denning's Funeral Homes

Jessica Rombouts
Graphic Designer & Marketing

As a skilled graphic designer and marketer specializing in the funeral industry, Jessica works behind the scenes to create memorable mementos for families. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a compassionate approach, she creates visually stunning and emotionally resonant stationery and keepsakes to impactful marketing campaigns. She loves sharing the Denning brand and conveying the unique stories and legacies of those who have passed. Jessica hopes each design captures the essence of remembrance while offering reassurance.

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Headshot of Sharanne MacDonald Office Administrator at Denning's Funeral Homes

Sharanne MacDonald

Office Administrator

When you enter Denning's of Strathroy, you will likely be greeted with a smile from Sharanne. As our office administrator Sharanne brings compassion, organizational skills, and a deep understanding of the sensitive nature of grief. She aspires to create a welcoming and comforting environment for mourning families during difficult times. By combining her organizational skills, empathy, and dedication to exceptional service, she makes a positive difference in the lives of those who visit us in our funeral homes.

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Our Support Team

Ann Moffatt

Host & Greeter

David Robinson

Host & Greeter

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Host & Greeter

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Host & Greeter

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Location Caretaker

Deborah Andersen

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